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Chapter President

Senior• St. Louis, Missouri  

Bro. Jiris Killingsworth, a Spring ‘20 Initiate spent this past Summer in Roy, UT as a Mission Defense Team Intern with Northrop Grumman. He assisted with rebasing the entire program, which included date shifts, decomposing of tasks, understanding the Source of Work fully, and meeting government requirements. Also, he used software such as Jira and Confluence to provide traceability of completed tasks. Lastly, he helped create the user interface requirements and cyber requirements for a timekeeping widget. This fall Bro. Killingsworth will be conducting research with the Department of Homeland Security.

Jamal Miller

Chapter Vice President 

Junior • Gulf Port, Mississippi 

Bro. Jamal Miller, a Spring ‘22 Initiate spent this past summer at The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. He assisted the me, installing computers and softwares for desktop users at the clinic. This fall he will be working with TRiO as a Peer Tutor. Brother Bozeman will assign students on campus with learning needs and weakness areas, specifically in math and science subjects


Nathanial Kenner

Senior • New Orleans, LA

Bro. Nathanial Kenner, Spring ‘20 Initiate serves as the Head Drum Major for THEE Sonic Boom of the South. This is his 3rd year as a leader of the band. He shows true leadership and what it really means to inspire, motivate and show dedication. Brother Kenner looks for ways to improve daily, not only for himself, but to be a better role model for others.


Senior• Fort Washington, Maryland

Bro. Jay Louis-Jacques, a Spring '20 Initiate is currently conducting a 6 month internship with Hormel Foods Corporation as a Plant Engineering Intern in Austin, MN. Bro. Louis-Jacques plans and manages projects that come in under 150,000.00 USD. Some notable projects are — installing 10 sections of racking bays and upgrading lighting fixtures in the plant.


Theadore Lyons III

Financial Secretary
Senior • Memphis, TN

Bro. Theadore Lyons III, a spring 20’ Initiate spent this past summer working with Meharry BS/MD Program, which is a 3 year program. 

The intent of the Meharry BS/MD Program is to develop a student with excellent academic credentials, competitive MCAT scores, and the personal, professional, leadership, and psychological attributes to be highly competitive for medical school admission and provide a foundation for training to be a great physician.



Senior • Jackson, MS 

Bro. Lee Mangum Jr., a Spring ‘20 Initiate spent this past summer with Boeing as a Payloads Sales Support Intern. He worked with experienced team members with interior designs for the different fleets and planes Boeing has to offer. In addition to designing, he worked on a new production item, data organization, and connectivity of different sections of Boeing.


Senior • Bolton, MS

Bro. J’Ceon Marshall, a Spring ‘20 Initiate spent this past summer with Wells Fargo as an Investment Portfolio Intern. He created multiple presentations that showcased the importance of tax lots and balance sheets inconsistencies. Also, he partnered with leaders to analyze and consult around policy and controls in accordance with guidelines that provided optimization of current areas that managers have neglected. Lastly, Bro. Marshall supported the Enterprise Finance partners’ efforts in constructing hierarchy matrices to better equip the team post-internship that will continue to optimize the company’s entire portfolio

J'Ceon Marshall




Senior • Southaven, MS 

Bro. Terreon Lyons, a Spring ‘20 Initiate is currently working with the United States Marshal Service. He is responsible for handling and overseeing prisoners, updating warrants, filing active/closed cases and assisting the deputies with misdemeanor cases. Also, he manages seized assets acquired by criminals through illegal activities, transports federal prisoners, and operates the Witness Security Program.

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